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Attention LGBTQIIAP + Community & Supporter:

From 01.06.2021 to 31.07.2021 you will receive a



if you book a portrait, couple- or best friend- shoot !

This discount is aimed at all supporters and members of the community!

There are still too many people who cannot / are not allowed to be themselves due to the intolerance in their environment or even within the family.


I advise any person who doesn´t stand with statements like "Love is Love" or "How you feel is who you are" that they should reconsider their attitude to life.


Furthermore, all web files are not only provided with my watermark but also with a small pride flag and the lettering "Made With Pride" to show that you participated in this campaign. (I would like to discuss this with you - it is not a must!)


It should be a way to celebrate diversity, bring joy and give you the opportunity to be yourself.


I want to assure you:

"This is a safe place for everyone."


I will never ask if you are part of the community. It's not my right, it's none of my business either.

Everyone who participates here is a supporter - and that is enough information for me personally. But if you DO need someone to listen, I am here for you. You can message me anytime!


I look forward to meeting you!


If you feel attacked, upset or treated unfairly in any way by this action, please let me know immediately!

* Can only be redeemed once per person and within the specified period.. The photo shoot does not have to take place in June.  It´s perfectly fine to choose a later date.

 Travel expenses excl.

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